Squid Lure


Savage Gear Powerglow Egi

– Squid lure
– Length: 10cm
– Weight: 17.2g
– Sinking speed: 4.5″/m
– #3.0 NS (Normal Shallow)
– Ultimate glow effect
– Real glow paint
– Savage Gear custom needles
– With pulse rattle
– Multiple colours available


The glow of these Egi lures is amazing! Both for anglers and the squid you are about to catch. The strongest possible glow material has been used by Savage Gear and each individually dyed colour has its own glow. Including back and the red bite marks on the belly, with the fabric outer material being UV active. A realistic silver side line gives that natural flash and attracts the attention of squid from afar. This lure is designed to provide the perfect balance between normal and slow sink rate, giving the impression of a wounded fish. This leads to more bites from lazy squid and this also allows you to fish shallow areas with ease. To increase the overall balance of the lure, a small, discreet external weight has been added and there is an internal weight for a jerky action and good casting properties. Super-sharp Savage Gear needles with pulse rattle that imitates a heartbeat make this the ultimate bait for squid!


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